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Joining a group for daily motivation, accountability and support in helping you reach your goals. This will provide you with all the tools needed to make changes in your life to live a healthy lifestyle. Time to make YOU a priority!!


Welcome to my VIP program.


I am so excited to help you get started on making changes to your overall health and well being.  Here is what you will get by joining my VIP program.

  1. A fitness program to fit your needs and goals
  2. 30 minute consultation to review goals and set a plan
  3. Easy to follow meal plan
  4. 30 minute call to review nutrition plan
  5. 15 minute weekly check in/progress call
  6. 30 minute call once a month to update goals and review program
  7. VIP daily support group for motivation, accountability, recipe ideas, meal planning
  8. Invitation to local weekly fit club once a week
  9. 30 days of a nutritious, healthy snack or meal replacement shake
  10. Daily support and 1:1 coaching with me

Benefits for YOU!

  • Learn how to set attainable goals
  • Create new healthy habits
  • Learn how to create balance in your life
  • Find time to make YOU a priority
  • Stay motivated and focused by daily support from others


What Actual Clients Have To Say!

"Connecting with Kristine and her group has made all the difference in my success with the 21 day fix program! Not only am I losing weight after 4 weeks I can feel the difference. It makes the process so much easier knowing you have their support and encouragement everyday!

~ Debbie

"I met Kris over 5 years ago when I took her spinning class. We became friends on Facebook but had little interaction otherwise. She reached out to me periodically but little did she know that on a recent birthday I was in need of a change. Kris suggested I join a support group which helped me re-evaluate my diet and reaction to foods then guided me through my first BeachBody experience (21day fix extreme). Kris is always available, encouraging and supportive. She provides the right amount of push and pull to help me reach my goals without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you Kris! "

~ Joan

"I just want to give a shout out to Kristine DelloStritto and her group. I always feel like I have support from the group. The group provides helpful suggestions on the programs and how to adapt it into your life schedule. They are always there asking questions and providing support on down days.... every day is one step closer and we get there as a group..."

~ Mark