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April 3rd
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My birthday is coming up and instead of me getting gifts, I would love to give the gift of health and nutrition to you! Take a moment to evaluate how you are doing with your 2017 fitness and nutrition goals. Could you use some support and motivation? Decide TODAY to work on a healthier you. Make that commitment and we will help each other reach our goals.

Are you ready to commit to YOU?

Don’t wait any longer. Join me on my birthday to try Beachbody’s Netflix of workouts through Beachbody on Demand! Get ALL ACCESS to every program for the entire year!

It is the All Access On Demand – access for a full year to EVERY Beachbody program and anything newly released this year. This is an amazing opportunity to get on track and stay committed without the need to store and find DVD’s. It’s as easy as putting in your user ID, password and you are IN! Perfect when on business trips, vacation and weekends away. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to join me to try something new. And keep in mind, with the ALL ACCESS PASS, you get access to EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM, including a cooking show for an ENTIRE YEAR! We get to CELEBRATE ALL year long together giving the gift of health and wellness.

I have been leading private support groups for others doing many programs and they are having great results. We have had great success connecting daily for support, motivation and accountability with these groups, not to mention the relationships that have been built! I truly believe that FITNESS + NUTRITION + ACCOUNTABILITY + COACHING = SUCCESS. I have been following the nutrition program and have seen, first hand, how effective it is when you stay committed.

Click on the link below to learn more about My Story. At the end, please fill out the Health Assessment so we can decide what is the best fit for you. Looking forward to connecting with you to help get you started on your fitness journey.


Commit NOW, I will be here to inspire and motivate you in reaching your goals. Support is such a key component to success. It is time to make YOU a priority to live a balanced life.

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