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Parenting Worries of Teenagers

When our babies are born, it’s hard to picture them in anything but a cute little onesie.  Then as they get braces it’s hard to picture them without braces.  Then as they get even older, it’s terrifying to picture them behind the wheel of a car.  As our children grow and become more independent they reach different stages of life.  The fears and worries of parents of teenagers start to change and add more stress in our lives.  We do our best to teach them values and to make good decisions but in the end, it’s the choices and decisions that they make.  It is so difficult letting go of that control and giving them more independence.

Take a listen to my video to learn more about my fears and constant worry as a mom of teenagers:

How do we minimize our fears and worries, especially during such exciting times for our kids?

CONS of teenagers with license:

  • Not experienced enough to handle difficult situations
  • More freedom to get into trouble
  • Put in difficult situations
  • Peer pressure
  • Cell phone use/texting
  • Getting too comfortable with the new freedom
  • Constant fear as the parent of what could happen

PROS of teenagers with license:

  • Drive to school
  • Drive to own activities
  • Pick up siblings
  • Run errands for parents
  • Learn responsibility & independence
  • Earning trust from parents

At the end of the day, we can’t stop this from happening.  As a parent we need to embrace the change and milestone in our children’s lives.  No matter how aggravated they get, we need to keep emphasizing the dangers and risks of driving.  It’s also important to let your child know they can call you for anything in times of need.  We will always be there for them.  Embrace these changes in your child’s life and be happy that you are there to help and guide them along the way.


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