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Holiday Tradition

It is that time of year again.  So many things to add to our to do list during the holiday season. There is always so much more to do this time of year.  It is so important to be organized to help relieve the stress and chaos of the holiday season.  One of those yearly holiday traditions is sending Christmas Cards.

Take a listen to my video to hear how I plan ahead to get certain items off my to do list during the busy holiday season:

It is such a relief to have that crossed off my list.  At least, the first step into getting Christmas cards delivered.

Here is a list of other items to get done ahead:

  1. Make your gift giving list
  2. Set your menu for holiday parties
  3. Make cookies ahead and freeze them
  4. Wrap gifts as you purchase
  5. Keep a list of all gifts purchased, wrapped and where hidden
  6. Mark all parties on your calendar
  7. Purchase new clothes for holiday events
  8. Get your Christmas decorations organized to decorate
  9. Put up Christmas lights
  10. Order gift cards
  11. Shop online & be sure to add those items to list
  12. Get stocking stuffers on sale
  13. Check the sale flyer weekly
  14. Put money away each week for holiday shopping

There is so much stress during the holidays so planning ahead is key to not feeling overwhelmed.  The more organized you are the easier it gets from year to year.  Making lists is a huge help to stay organized.  Also, asking for help from family members, including  your kids, can help alleviate excess stress.

This is suppose to be a time of giving, sharing and making lasting memories with our family and friends.  During all the chaos, we need to remember the real reason we celebrate the holidays and cherish each moment together.

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