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Easy Meal Prep Ideas (Day 8)

When dinner time arrives it is usually so busy and hectic with so many other things happening.  You may have work meetings, kids sports, taking a class, or other obligations and events.  Dinner time is sacred when you can sit together as a family.  Doing some easy meal prep ahead is key to a smoother transition from work mode to back home.  Taking the time to prep the day before or in the morning can help alleviate stress and chaos at dinner time.

Take a listen to my video to watch my easy meal prep idea I did in the morning:

This is such a huge hit for my family.  Perfect on a cold day and great for leftovers on other busy nights.  It definitely can be prepped ahead, morning of, put in the freezer for other busy nights and shared with others when you make a double batch.  To prep ahead even more for this meal I made the sauce a few days earlier.  This sauce can be used for many other recipes for the week.  Easy meal prep and planning ahead can significantly decrease your stress at meal time.  The Fixate cookbook has many recipes that you can coordinate your meals for the week. See the link below for the cookbook.  Many of the recipes are quick, easy and healthy for the entire family to enjoy.

Here is the recipe for the Minestrone Soup:

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