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Making the Shift

After enjoying a very long summer of indulgences and having a relaxed nutrition plan, it was time to get back on track.  I got in the mind set, made a commitment and followed the plan until the end.  Was it easy?  NO! Do I feel better?  YES! Did I break bad habits?  YES!  It was worth all the effort but feels so good to be done.  After making the shift, I feel accomplished after 21 days of making the commitment to my nutrition and daily workouts.

Take a listen to my video as I get real and vulnerable sharing my experience:

It takes so much will power to make a full commitment but it is so worth it to break bad habits.  It puts you in a better mind set and place to be refocused on your fitness and nutrition.  Making yourself a priority with your health is so important to help with all other aspects of your life.  There are always going to be distractions, stress, unexpected events or tragedies that occur on a regular basis.  When you are taking care of yourself on a daily basis then it will be easier not to lose sight of your goals despite the distractions.  It will also help you through the difficulties when you are in a good place and have the strength and energy to get through the difficult times.


Taking time for yourself by reading is another way to keep you focused on your goals too.  It is all about your mind set, discipline, commitment and staying consistent that will help you live a life of greatness and feeling at your best each day.  Make a decision TODAY to MAKE the SHIFT to a better YOU and live life to the fullest.  Learn more about the SHIFT SHOP!

Once you get into a regular routine then you will stay in it and want more of it and not let excuses get in the way.  Here is a great book to help with that, No Excuses by Brian Tracy

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