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Listen to your Body

Do you ever feel like something is wrong physically and you need to listen to your body?Something wasn’t right and I knew it.  It was time for me to rest, listen to my body and figure out what it needed.  After completing week 2 of a new fitness program and following the nutrition plan I was feeling good.  I did my first 45 minute cardio workout and I did not feel right.  What were these feelings?

Take a listen to my video to hear more about my symptoms and solutions to feel better:

After starting a new fitness program and adjusting to the workouts going from 25 minutes to 35 minutes and then to 45 minutes it was all going well until I hit the 45 minute cardio workout.  Was it my body trying to adjust to a higher, intense, cardio workout or was there something wrong?  I was scared.  Have you ever felt this way?  I had to stop and take some time to listen to my body and see what it needed.  I felt dizzy, uncomfortable, tired and a feeling that something internally was off.  I was questioning if it was my blood sugar, was I anemic, did I have enough sodium, were my levels or electrolytes off.  After using my support system, I did some problem solving.

Here are a few tips and ideas that I attempted to feel better:

  • Drink more water
  • Add Himalayan salt to food
  • Drink a Recovery formula to help your muscles heal – CLICK HERE to learn more about Recovery, my #1 choice!
  • Drink Hydrate – CLICK HERE to learn more  about Hydrate
  • Get some rest, take a nap
  • Eat a healthy fat and add in more protein
  • Add in a 20/30 minute yoga routine into your day.  CLICK HERE to get started on a yoga program
  • Schedule 5/10 minutes to meditate

I also know I was under some additional stress that could have caused some of these symptoms.  Stress can be a huge contributing factor in altering systems in our body.  When this happens, it is time to take a step back and evaluate what is going on in our lives and what needs to change.

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