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Benefits Working from Home ( Day 2 Keeping Routine)

While working from home has so many benefits, the key to success is keeping a routine.  It is very important to have a routine to keep you focused and on task throughout your day.  Discipline, routine and making lists to keep me focused and on track have been a huge piece of my success with working from home.

Take a listen to a typical day and how I stay focused with a routine:

Distractions happen all day long between the phone ringing, texts, email, Facebook messages, people showing up at your door, kids, family obligations, the list goes on and on.      That doesn’t even include the things that come up unexpectedly, such as kids being sick, doctor’s visits, etc.  Having a list to work from for the day can help to keep you on task.


Here are some tips to minimize the distractions and keep to a routine:

  1. Get your workout done early in the morning
  2. Make a to do list (in order of priority), and stick to it
  3. Keep phone on silent
  4. Keep volume off on computer to minimize the distractions
  5. Don’t get derailed from one task to another – stay focused
  6. Put a timer on your phone to stay on task for a certain amount of time
  7. Don’t scroll the news feed in Facebook or Instagram
  8. Set certain times of the day to focus on certain tasks
  9. Schedule calls/appointments while kids are in school
  10. Set certain working hours for the days around the kids schedules etc.

The beauty about working from home is that you have flexibility to multi-task.  For example, throw in a load of laundry during your break time, take a 10 minute break to prep for dinner so that your ahead of schedule.  While those perks are great, you have to be disciplined enough not to get derailed and back to the tasks at hand.

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