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Nature to Nurture the Soul

Do you make time to get away from it all and enjoy some down time?  Where do you go?  What helps you to relax and enjoy your time?  Personally, it was a weekend away to Vermont on a “girls weekend”.  Time to relax, unwind, catch up, and enjoy some quiet time with a friend.

Check out what we did to enjoy nature and do something to get out of our regular routine:

It is so important to plan ahead and take the time to be with those most important to you in your life. There are so many places to go to enjoy nature, relax, indulge in good food and beverages, while reminiscing about the days and years that have passed.  We were able to do this in the peace and tranquility outdoors with breathtaking mountainous views.  It was a time to enjoy the sounds of nature, breathe in fresh air and take in all the beauty of the outdoors.


Here are some of the things we did to enjoy nature’s beauty and relax:

  • Chair lift to the top of Okemo Mountain in VT
  • Walk  to the top of the Fire Tower for breath taking views
  • Hike to the bottom of the mountain
  • Sit in the sun to enjoy drinks, snacks, meet and converse with new friends on a golf course
  • Go to the Lodge at the Mountain to enjoy drinks, dinner and company of others while fireside.
  • Take a morning walk
  • Enjoy a leisurely breakfast

All of this while enjoying spending time with a lifelong amazing friend.  Life passes by so quickly.  We take for granted those that mean so much to us and have had a significant impact on our life.  There needs to be more days like this spent together to create more lasting memories.  I’m grateful and cherish all these times with a dear friend while meeting others that cross paths with me.

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