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Back to School Tips (Day 2)

PHEW!!!  We made it through the first day of school and all the hype for the day has passed. It was the prepping school lunches, buying snacks, preparing back packs, picking out that first day outfit and getting up on time.  The stress and anxiety has passed now it is time to really get back into that routine.  What is next?

Take a listen to my video to learn more about the aftermath of the first day:

The chaos never stops, we always have stress, our schedules are busy but we need to find some peace as we get back to a routine.

Here are a few of the “to do” items:

  1. Fill out all the paper work
  2. Hear about the kids day
  3. Gather school supplies
  4. Get dates for school year
  5. Sports Schedules
  6. Picture day outfit
  7. Get gear for sports

Solutions to get through the busy schedule:

  1. Listen when the kids are sharing about their day
  2. Make a list and set a time to go get school supplies
  3. Mark down all half days and days off on your calendar
  4. Copy sports schedules and distribute to family members
  5. Put game and practice schedules on your calendar
  6. Have a central location for all school activities, sports, and appointments
  7. Gets kids on a good sleep schedule

It takes a good month to settle back into a new routine and get back on track.  Having structure back in your life can help alleviate stress.  Planning, prepping and being organized can take away day to day anxieties and cause less irritability within your family.  Making daily to do lists, using a calendar for all activities and communicating are great solutions to help transition back to school and into our busy routines.

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