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Back to School Tips (Day 1)

The week is upon us…BACK TO SCHOOL.  It is both a stressful and exciting time for kids, teachers and parents.  So many different emotions such as happiness, relief, excitement, sadness.  Every school grade brings on different levels of anxiety.  So you may be wondering what are some things we can do to help ease into this new new routine?

Take a listen to my video to hear about some of the back to school stressors and tips to overcome it:


There are all levels of anxieties depending on what grade your child is entering.   Both parents and children have these anxieties as well.  As a parent of  High Schoolers, it is much different than previous years.

Some of the worries as a parent:

  1. How are you getting to school?
  2. How are you getting home from school?
  3. What is your practice schedule?
  4. Do you have the classes you need?
  5. What do you want for lunches?

Some of the worries as teenagers:

  1. What am I wearing today?
  2. Where are my classes?
  3. What if I get lost?
  4. Will I be bullied?
  5. What if none of my friends are in my classes?

This list for both the parents and children could go on and on, am I right?


Here are a few tips to prepare for that first day:

  1. Get to bed earlier
  2. Set alarm early a few days before school to get into that routine a little easier
  3. Make sure you have your supplies and that the backpack is prepared
  4. Pick out the first day of school outfit
  5. Check class schedule (make changes as needed)
  6. Buy snacks and lunch items
  7. Prepare lunch and snacks the night before
  8. Layout clothes and iron, if needed, the night before
  9. Connect with friends to see who is in your classes
  10. Get your summer reading and other work done ahead of time
  11. Make a list of goals for the year
  12. Enjoy the last few days of summer
  13. Make lists to be more organized

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