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Living the Dream (Day 1)

Vacations are the BEST!!  It is time to unwind, relax, engage in different activities, visit with family and friends, go out to dinner and so much more.  We are fortunate enough to enjoy a 3 week vacation at one of my favorite places. We have been coming to Cape Cod since I was very young, and then with my kids since they were born.  I love it here and dream of spending even more time here during the summer months. The beach is my happy place and I want to continue living the dream.

Take a listen to my video to see what inspires me, motivates and makes me happy and at peace over the last 3 weeks:

Although, I am still working while on vacation it is a time to be at peace in these beautiful surroundings that bring me so much joy.  It is my “why”, it is my “dream” to be close to the beach as much as possible throughout the entire year not for just 3 weeks.  We have worked our way from 2 to 3 weeks and I still want to be here more.  My goal is to spend the summers here. It really is a place of calmness, joy, relaxation and pure happiness to be by the ocean living the dream.

I love my feet in the sand, the ocean views, crashing of the waves, friendly faces, reunited with beach friends, new run route, sunsets, late afternoon beach fun and also visiting our favorite places.  I find myself taking so many deep breaths to continue to soak it all in and enjoy every lasting moment of these memorable times ocean side.

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