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The Struggle is Real

Some days are tougher than others.  Let me paint a picture of my day…woke up to pouring rain and cloudy skies, an all out depressing day.  Energy is low, mood is down and no motivation to start my day much less workout.  How do you get yourself motivated to change your mood and increase your energy level?  Exercise for me is key, and that is why I encourage so many to implement it into their daily routines.  The benefits of a 30 minute workout can impact your whole day.

Take a listen to my video to see what got me out of that depressing mood, and what helps me everyday:

Pushing yourself to move past your struggles to overcome laziness and lack of motivation can make such a difference on your mood for the rest of the day.  Going from low energy, feeling down and out to being fully energized and motivated to take on the day just from 30 minutes of exercise.  Why do we hesitate to do something that can help in so many positive ways?  It helps physically and emotionally for yourself but also those around you once your mood has changed.  No one likes to be around a moody, grumpy, depressed person.

Here are a few tips to push through that struggle:

  1. Pick a workout and just do it
  2. Call/text a friend for motivation or a pep talk
  3. Grab a friend or family member to do it with you
  4. Think about how you will feel when you are done
  5. STOP procrastinating
  6. Play some music that will lift your mood
  7. Make sure you are part of an accountability group for motivation and support
  8. Have a healthy breakfast for fuel

Being a part of an online accountability group really motivates me.  I see others posting about their workouts and healthy eating and it makes me want to join in.  It also helps to see that others struggle just like me and that it’s normal.

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