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Relaxation (Day 3 of 3) Mental Restoration

Stress can effect your body, mind, and soul.  Which in turn can effect your entire outlook on life, often times making situations worse.  It is so important to find ways to relieve stress, not only for yourself, but for the people around you.  There are so many different options that can help with your body on a more physical level, and then there are options to help clear your thoughts, as that is where stress usually initiates.  On vacation, this is a perfect time to focus on mental restoration and do some things that may not happen during your busy home life.

Listen to my video to hear more about some of the ways I relax during vacation time to clear my mind and feed my soul with positivity:

Vacations are sometimes an easier time to unwind and find time to relax when not in a regular routine of work and kids busy schedules.  Sometimes just the change of scenery can be enough to clear your mind and feel more rejuvenated.

Here is a list of ways to mentally restore your mind:

  1. Be present in the moment
  2. Sit at the beach
  3. Listen to audio for positive influences
  4. Read for personal development or pleasure
  5. Focus on positive thoughts and being happy (maybe even play a game to take your mind off of things)
  6. Surround yourself with like minded people
  7. Set goals for the future
  8. Talk to family and friends
  9. Go for a nice long walk
  10. Practice taking deep breathes
  11. Play cards or do a puzzle

If your an anxious or stressful person, these activities can be a challenge.  Personally, I relieve stress in more physical ways but I always incorporate at least 5 minutes of meditation into my day, even during vacation!

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