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Relaxation (Day 1 of 3) Inner Peace

There are many forms of relaxation to help unwind from the daily grind and everyday stressors of life.  Some of that stress comes from work, family, friends, injury, health and so much more.  It is important to find something that works for you to help alleviate your daily stressors.  Vacation can be a time for relaxation, but sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to unwind and enjoy the moments of your down time.  We are so use to being busy and on the go.

Listen to my video to hear some of my struggles to relax on vacation and ways that help reduce my stress:

Here are some ways to find inner peace to help you relax:

  1. Meditation (I use an app on my phone called Simply Being)                        
  2. Breathing techniques
  3. Listen to Music
  4. Sing
  5. Journal your thoughts
  6. Share thoughts with others
  7. Reflect on your day
  8. Drink a glass of wine
  9. Watch a mindless movie/TV show
  10. Play a game with a family member or friend

I came across this article (A Simple Breathing Exercise to Calm Your Mind & Body) that may be helpful to you:

There are so many more ways to relax and the key is finding what works for you.  These are just a few that have worked for me.  There are days I struggle and am unable to use these techniques to help me deal with stress.  The more you keep these as a daily practice the easier it is to deal with everyday stressors and difficulties that keep you from feeling relaxed.  One thing I always manage to get in my day is my daily meditation.  I schedule it in like an appointment!

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