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Listen to your body

Race day is such an exciting day after you put in the work and prepare for it.  Today, was a different day for me.  I was a spectator for the first time in years. It was time for me to listen to my body and say no to something I look forward to each year.

Listen to my video to hear why I had to say no to one of our yearly events:

It was a tough day for me and with the sun not shining it brings in another level of feeling down and out.  These are the days you have to take it as it is and find the positive benefits of the day.  I won’t let one event ruin my vacation and desire to live a life of greatness that I strive for each day.  Here is what I have done to deal with the outcome of not being able to participate in the race.

  1. Be the biggest cheerleader
  2. Embrace being on the side lines
  3. Drink a Bloody Mary
  4. Capture the moment of your family on video and camera
  5. Be proud of those that finished the race
  6. Support those in the race for the first time & those that pushed through again
  7. Visit with family and friends
  8. Suck it up and let it go

I see so many people that have to miss out on things because of injuries and now I can empathize when others struggle with the inability to do the things that bring them joy. It is difficult to accept but important to make the right decision. Time to listen to my body, take care of myself, slow down and enjoy all moments in life regardless of the level of participation.

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