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Shift to Vacay Mode (Packing)

This is when the stress hits the roof and the final stages of packing are happening and last minute running around.  You may ask, why get so crazy, right?  It’s not like we are leaving the country, there are stores for whatever we forget, but I still always over pack.  There really is no need to stress, it’s just that feeling of being so anxious to get to our destination to relax and enjoy!

Listen to my video as I share about last minute packing and how it all gets done:

It is about that time when you are ready to head out and just want to get in the car and go NOW. There are a few more last minute things to get done before we can depart.  It is getting real and we are in full blown vacation mode as soon as the final prep is done.

Here is a last minute check list:

  1. Say good bye to family
  2. Pay bills
  3. Clean out the refrigerator
  4. Laundry
  5. Change Sheets
  6. Pick up food at our favorite places
  7. Clean counters & sweep floor
  8. Organize work tasks & complete necessary ones before leaving
  9. Check kids stuff to be sure they didn’t forget anything
  10. Yard work

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