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Shift to Vacay Mode (Work)

As an entrepreneur, there are so many benefits to live a life of freedom and flexibility.  As I prepare for vacation there are a few things that I need to put in place to assure I get the break I deserve.  It is a stressful time the week leading up to vacation to be sure I am caught up with my work and connect with my team.  Although, I will not be taking a full 3 weeks off of work, I will certainly balance it all out and take some much needed time to relax.

Listen to my video to hear how I organize myself work wise to be in the best place as I head out for our beach vacation:

I love the options I have to work from home, when I want and where I want.  It gives me the flexibility to live a life by design and to have the freedom to make choices without answering to a boss.  As I get ready for a 3 week vacation, I will put plans in place to be organized to get work done efficiently and effectively so I can take the rest of the day to enjoy with loved ones.  Having access online, anywhere, anytime has its pros and cons.  It takes much discipline to know when to separate work from pleasure.  It is something I work on daily and strive to live a balance life while enjoying each day to the fullest.

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