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Shift to Vacay Mode (Planning)

Work hard, play hard.  We all deserve to take vacations and have quality time with our families.  We are always on the go, rushing here and there, attending sporting events, getting kids to their activities, work meetings and other obligations.  It is so important to balance it out with much needed time away to rest and relax.  It takes a lot of planning and organizing to get to that point to just enjoy that time together.

Take a listen to my video as I share more about shifting into vacation mode and planning to enjoy the time with family and friends:

One of the things I value in life is time well spent with family and friends making memories.  That is the reason I plan a 3 week vacation away to cherish the down time and enjoyment of being at the beach.  It takes a lot of planning to shift from the entrepreneur role into relaxation mode.  While away, I will continue to work but also make it a point to find that balance between work and family.  That time with my family is to be cherished after working hard all year.

The planning for our beach house vacation begins a few weeks in advance as we need to start packing most of the house.  I print off my Cape list and other packing lists to get prepared.  My kids have their own list and start their own packing which is a big help.  I buy some food items, household items, cleaning and paper products to get us started.  I send a truck load of our bedding, sheets, linens, towels, and other necessities with other family members.

A few other things to get prepped include stopping the mail, cleaning the house, do all the laundry, fresh sheets on the bed when we arrive back home, visit with family, set up someone to water flowers or mow the lawn, food prep and last minute shopping to pick up any other necessities.

It is all a bit overwhelming when prepping to go on vacation but all so worth it.  Time to focus on making lasting memories and enjoy every moment with family and friends.

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