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Health and Well Being (Energy vs. Depletion)

Do you struggle to get out of bed everyday?  Are some days easier than others?  Starting your day off feeling depleted can have a significant impact on the rest of your day.  When you are feeling energized your outlook is more positive and you have a more productive day.  There are so many reasons your energy level can effect your mood and the outcome of your day.

Take a listen to my video to hear about some of the reasons energy level can effect your day and some of the solutions to feel more energized:

We have choices in our life.  The food we eat, the people we associate with daily, the amount of sleep we get, and the choice to exercise.  Do you find yourself feeling refreshed each morning or exhausted upon waking?  Here are a list of the reasons we feel depleted and the solutions to feel more energized.


-Not enough sleep

-Physical issues or injury








-Drink more water

-Yoga and stretching


-Sleep accommodations (cool room, pillow, mattress)

-No TV before bed, less time on phone and computer before bed

If you struggle with exercise, click the link to learn more about this pre-workout drink.  I take it before my workouts to push me through and work harder.



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