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4th Festivities Day 3 of 3

The 4th of July is almost here.  Time for prepping and planning for the opening day of summer.  Your menu is set and you have assigned tasks to your family and guests to share in the holiday festivities.  Now what?  It is always fun to have yearly traditions and games to enjoy the day of the 4th.

Listen to my video to hear about some of our favorite traditions we enjoy at our outdoor cookouts and for summer fun:

It is always exciting to look forward to those summertime traditions.  It creates lasting memories with family, friends and especially for the kids.

Here are a list of the games we participate in at our family cookout.  I also added some others to give you ideas to add to your family fun and yearly cookouts.

  1. Water Balloon Toss
  2. Kickball
  3. Bocce
  4. Wiffle Ball
  5. Cannon Ball Contest
  6. Frisbee
  7. Kan Jam
  8. Ladder Toss
  9. Corn Hole
  10. Spike Ball
  11. Croquet
  12. Jarts
  13. Scavenger Hunt
  14. Badminton
  15. Man Hunt
  16. Volleyball

There are always the traditional games from years back like hide and seek, tag, red rover, freeze tag, ring around the rosy, or just even riding bikes.  How about bringing a new game to one of your summer events or cookouts as a hostess gift.

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