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Gadget Girl Series Day 4

Taco Tuesday is usually a family favorite, right?  There are so many variations to tacos from meat to fish to veggie.  What do you put in your tacos and have for sides?  The options are endless, such as grated cheese, avocado, salsa, onions, lettuce, tomatoes…just to name a few.  Preparing tacos involves lots of chopping, slicing and cutting.  Luckily, there are many gadgets that can help make taco prep easier and a lot quicker.

Listen to my video sharing some of the gadgets and toppings we use to prepare tacos:

There are so many gadgets out there to help make meal prep easier.  Here are the ones that  I used for taco meal prep.

This is a meal you can prep ahead.  Cut up your peppers, onions, olives, shred lettuce even make the meat ahead and then just need to assemble.  I just used a quick organic brown rice that I heated in the microwave from Trader Joe’s.  We also had some steamed corn.  Great healthy, quick meal that everyone enjoys.

Here are a few recipes for Taco Night or any event, party, or summer barbecue.

Bean & Butternut Taco recipe:

Crispy Black Bean Taco recipe:

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