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Lesson Learned

It was a long weekend filled with soccer and birthday festivities.  Very exciting fun times with friends and family.  We needed to pack up food for the day, the right clothing attire, chairs, blankets, sunscreen and sports gear.  Getting organized for a weekend of soccer takes planning and managing your time.

Take a listen to my video to learn more about poor planning and the lesson I learned about being on time:

I love being at all my kids sporting events and never missing out on a game and especially seeing moments of triumph.  Well, I missed one of the biggest ones this weekend.  My daughter scored her first goal of the season on her birthday.  Due to poor planning, I missed her goal by 5 minutes as I was gathering my things in the parking lot.  I was devastated, feeling guilty for my lack of planning and getting out on time.  Of course, she was fine by it, knowing I would make a scene screaming and yelling of excitement and joy and embarrass her.


My daughter taught me a lesson that day.  She is always prompt for all her events, games, practices and anywhere she needs to go.  I am always rushing until the last minute and trying to get in as much as I can before we leave.  It causes so much stress and tension between the two of us.  I really believe everything happens for a reason.  It is all about slowing down, enj0ying the important things in life, putting aside the petty details and be present in the moment.  Life is a balancing act in trying to get it all done and being in multiple places at once.  We can strive for balance but sometimes we have to focus on what is important in that moment in time.  I will take this simple goal as a BIG lesson. Be on TIME.

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