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Life’s Milestones (Class Trips) Part 3 of 3

There is so much going on as the school year wraps up.  Between sports, award ceremonies, graduations, and celebrations, it can be overwhelming.  I remember the days, when my children were in preschool, going to a local farm for their field trip.  I would chaperone and be right by their side on the hay ride.  They would walk with me and hold my hand.  As my daughter arrives from her class trip in D.C. for the past 4 days, it was a very different scenario.  What a difference a few years makes with class trips.

Take a listen to my video with some more thoughts and feelings around these memorable times for our children:

In the earlier years, we would be with them every step of the way.  Now they are more independent, responsible and need us less and less.  I find it to be a very emotional time, and I struggle with letting go.  On the other hand, I am also proud of their independence and confidence to be on their own.  As I sent my daughter away this week, it invoked fear in me of all the bad things that could happen.  Again, I had to have faith that she would be safe, make all the right decisions, be respectful and kind while on her own.

While she was away, we had very little communication with her, as she was very busy.  I am grateful for the few text messages I received knowing she was happy.  In my heart, I was proud of her, knowing she could be away for the first time without us, feeling secure and independent, and not needing to check in constantly.  I’m the one that needed the check in more than my daughter.


Our children learn so much along the way as they grow and mature.  It is both difficult and  so rewarding as a parent to see all these changes take place.  Time is precious.  I want to focus on cherishing all these memorable events and live life to the fullest.

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