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Life’s Milestones (Driver’s Permit) Part 2 of 3

Next milestone, your teenager gets his/her driver’s permit! Such an exciting time for them, but as a parent probably one of the most frightening.  Although it’s another milestone, it is also another way for them to become more independent.  When you think of your teenager driving you may feel many different emotions, as well as pros and cons.

Take a listen to my video about the fears and relief I feel about this next milestone:

As parents, we want to set our kids up for success in life.  The best way to do this is to have them practice and learn all the important things they need in the future.  One of these necessities is driving a car.  For me, this invokes a tremendous amount of fear, as I lost my only sister in a car accident at a very young age.  My son will ask to practice driving and my response, often times,  “next time”.  How is he going to be a good driver if he doesn’t practice?  In my mind, I know that he needs to do it, but in reality I am just trying to prolong it.  I can only imagine the fear I will have when he gets his license and goes out for the first time alone driving a car.

Now there is a benefit to this freedom for parents, and that is less time running around from place to place.  It will free us up to do other things.  This will help him learn more responsibility and help him to grow and mature.

Here are a few tips I will share with my children as they take on that next milestone in life of driving a car:

  1. Repeat the speech over and over again about no drinking and driving, no texting, don’t get in a car if the driver is under the influence.  Don’t be afraid of them getting annoyed or mad.  They will hear your voice over and over again in that car.
  2. Make sure to call if you are in a bad situation and ask for a ride.
  3. Install in their brains that they should never be afraid to call…NO MATTER WHAT or WHY!
  4. Be a respectful driver and and obey the laws of the road.

These are just a few things I will teach them.  As a parent, I will try to have faith that they will make the right decisions.  I will put trust in them that they follow the rules and remember the values they were taught.

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