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Nutrition on the Go (Work Functions) Part 3 of 3

Working from home or going to the office, there are temptations at both. How disciplined are you with being able to say no to the treats and unhealthy options in front of you? It is all about your mind set, will power and control. We are surrounded by so many temptations every where we go. Stopping for a coffee can be tempting, but, ultimately you are responsible for making the decision and choosing what is best for you.

Take a listen to my video sharing tips to making healthy choices during your work day:

At home you may have more options, but you also have control as what comes into the house.  That makes eating a lot easier to control.  Here are a few tips to help make healthier choices at home:

  1. Don’t buy the unhealthy snacks or the snacks that you know you can’t control yourself from wanting to eat.
  2. Plan your meals for the day, which includes your snacks.  Snacks can be more challenging and you may find it more difficult to make a healthy choice.
  3. Don’t let emotions and stress eating distract you from your goals.  If you find yourself reaching for an unhealthy option, take a step back and go for a walk or take a deep breath.

At the office there are things in front of you that you can’t control.  There are breakfast meetings, luncheons and dinner events.  Often times it is difficult to resist the enticing foods.  Here are a few tips to making healthier choices at the office:

  1. Bring your own breakfast or eat before work
  2. Stay away from the donuts and pastries
  3. Bring your own lunch
  4. Choose the healthier options
  5. Refuse the chips and dessert
  6. Grab a piece of fruit
  7. Plan ahead for dinner events and eat before you go to help avoid over indulging
  8. Plan ahead to have one cheat a day

These are just a few tips to help you make better decisions during your work day.

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