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Nutrition on the Go (Take Out) Part 2 of 3

Living a busy lifestyle with two children in sports, working and social activities can make some days difficult to stay on track with nutrition.  Depending on the season and activities, meal prep is not always an option on the weekends and days during the week.  Often times you may be running around from game to game or activity to activity.  During the week, making healthy meals at home every night can be a challenge.  There are practices and homework activities/projects that by the time you get home, it’s too late to make a meal.

Listen to my video to learn more about some of the ways we eat healthier when ordering take out.

That leaves you with having to order take out or grab something quick on the go.  When you think of take out or fast food usually unhealthy options come to mind.  However, there is a way to still stay on track and make healthier choices with take out.

Here are a few ideas for healthier options when ordering take out:

  1. Choose a place that has a variety of healthy options
  2. Order a salad with protein on it and dressing on the side
  3. Stay away from fried foods
  4. Don’t order creamy soups
  5. When ordering sandwiches put it in a wrap or pocket
  6. Get a side salad or a vegetable instead of french fries
  7. Get a baked potato or rice instead of the french fries
  8. Eat half of what you ordered and save the rest for lunch the next day
  9. For breakfast, choose an egg option rather than a donut or bagel

Eating on the go does not have to be unhealthy.  Staying in the mind set and making healthy choices is up to you.  Making those choices also shows your children that they can make better food decisions and encourage them to stay away from the unhealthy options.

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