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Nutrition on the Go (Dining out) Part 1 of 3

Eating healthy can be a challenge on any day, but when your routine is off and you do not have a consistent schedule that can be even more challenging.  I have been eating healthy for many years now so I find it easier to stay on track with life’s distractions.  At times though, I also find myself having more cheats and more difficulty getting back into the swing of things.  Mind set is a huge piece in staying focused.  When our schedules are off we may be cooking less and eating out more.  How do you stay on track and make healthier choices when dining out more often than cooking at home?

Take a listen to how I stay on track while dining out:

Here are a few tips that have helped me stay focused:

  1. Say NO to the bread being brought to the table.
  2. Ask for dressing on the side with your salad and no croutons.  You could even leave out the cheese too.
  3. Drink water.  Avoid soda, soft drinks and alcohol.
  4. Don’t add in additional salt to your meal.  When you order out most foods already have more than you use at home.
  5. When a meal comes with pasta as a side, ask for a side salad or extra veggie instead.
  6. Stay away from cream sauces and gravy (we tend to lean toward comfort foods in time of stress).
  7. Instead of potatoes and rice ask to double the vegetable.
  8. Ask for your vegetables steamed.  If roasted ask for olive oil instead of butter.
  9. Stick with items with lean protein, such as chicken and fish.
  10. Say NO to dessert or share with someone if you can’t resist.

I am not saying that you can’t have pasta, rice or potatoes, but try and have them in moderation.  These guidelines are set for when you find yourself eating out more often than not.  Another tip I find helpful is that I try to choose meals I might make at home for myself while eating out.  It can also help by choosing a restaurant that has healthier options and less temptations.

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