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Living for Balance (Never Give Up) Part 6 of 6

There are many ups and downs in life, and it can be a struggle.  Do you let life’s distractions get you down and depressed?  Do you struggle to pull yourself out of it?  Finding that balance in your life is often difficult to achieve on a daily basis.

Take a listen to my video sharing what I have done to stay in balance during a stressful week.

This has been a challenging week for me and my family.  I have been trying to keep balance with my children, husband, family, my team, and business.  There are things I refuse to put aside during stressful times.  My workouts are one of my biggest priorities for me because it is my time to focus on myself.  I have also continued with my daily meditation, as that is keeping me more balanced, calmer and clears my mind.  I have had to continue to focus on my work by helping my coaches, and those clients working on their health journey.  I am committed to helping them and the only way to help others is to start with me being in the right mind set and sticking with my daily routine and priorities.

I refuse to let sadness, tragedy and added stress get me down and not do the things that make me a better person.  I always focus on the positive when things are difficult.  Focusing on the negative gets you no where in life and just adds more stress.  In my Uncle’s last few days, I was amazed at his strength and positive outlook.  As he was suffering, he made sure he continued to fight and was not giving in to the pain.  I admire his positivity and that is what is driving me to push through my daily workouts, distractions and negativity coming into my life.

Life is hard and we all have to deal with “stuff.”   How you deal with it depends on YOU making the decision to live a better life, be strong, stay positive and never give up.  I am blessed that my Uncle has set an amazing example to Fight for It and Never Give Up.  YOU are the only one that can decide on the life you want to live and make the most of it.  Find that balance and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

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