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Living for Balance (Listening) Part 5 of 6

Are you more of a talker or a listener?  In this fast paced lifestyle it is so difficult to STOP, LISTEN and Be PRESENT in the MOMENT.  It is so easy to talk and share about ourselves, although, when others are talking, do you really listen to them?  I am guilty of this.  Take a moment to think about your communication style with the various people in your life.  This includes your spouse, your children, family members, friends and co workers. Do you have balance in your life when it comes to communicating?

Take a listen to my video in sharing some of the things I have recently learned to be a better communicator.

In the last few days with my Uncle, I learned so much about taking time to listen to others.  I wanted to hold on to every word he said and learn as much as I could in a short amount of time.  I also observed how attentive my Uncle was when he asked me a question and genuinely took the time to listen to my answer.  In the chaos of life, we disregard the importance to be focused in a conversation.  When you have a short time to live, you realize the significance of those interactions and cherish every precious moment.

Why don’t we practice this in our daily conversations and be present in the moment?  I do this all the time with my kids by multitasking.  I would be on the computer and glance up to periodically listen.  I would have my phone in my hand texting, stop, listen, look up and text again giving little attention.  I could be talking on the phone and multitasking and not fully listening to the other person on the line.  I am guilty of listening to a video but on my computer working on other tasks.  If you knew it was the last time you would hear that persons voice or speak to them would you be multitasking or fully engaged in your discussion?

Here are a few tips on being a better listener and having more balanced conversations:

  1. Look the person in the eye
  2. Put all devices down and discipline yourself not to respond to them, even shut it down
  3. Be present in the moment
  4. Walk away from your work area
  5. Go to a quiet place with little distraction

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