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Living for Balance (Advocate for Yourself) Part 4 of 6

We all have needs, wants and desires.  Do you ask for what you want?  Do you get what you  need?  This can pertain to so many areas in your life.  For example, eating at a restaurant, do you ask for the dressing on the side with your salad?  In the hospital, do you ask for every test possible to make sure you are getting the BEST care?  In your job, do you speak up, share your ideas and influence others with your strengths? At home, with your parents, siblings, children, spouse or significant other do you ask for help, guidance and support with everyday tasks and struggles?

Take a listen to my video sharing ways I advocate for myself.

Some days it is easier than others to use your voice and speak up for what you need.  Think about some of these situations and what you can do to become more of an advocate for yourself.

Here are a few tips to help you with living a life of balance and asking for what you need:

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up
  2. Be an advocate for yourself
  3. Tell yourself that you deserve the best in life and believe it
  4. Stop sitting in the background and waiting for others to be your voice
  5. Practice in a comfortable situation first in asking for what you need
  6. Don’t regret not speaking up and lose out in life
  7. Be confident and proud of what you can offer to others
  8. Do what makes you happy, even if it means delegating out tasks and releasing that control

At the end of the day, it is more a control thing for us, right?  So often we just think to ourselves “Oh I’ll just do it because it will be easier.”  Or perhaps you don’t like the way that someone does something, for example the way your kids fold laundry.  Learn to let things go so that you can get the help you need and time for yourself.  Speak your mind.  Communicate your needs. Be an advocate for yourself and those you love.

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