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Living for Balance(Sharing Thoughts) Part 3 of 6

Our minds are constantly filled with so many thoughts day-to-day.  These thoughts may be worry, guilt, happiness and excitement…and sometimes a little bit of everything.  Do you express how you feel each day to the people you love, family, friends, co-workers?  These thoughts can be both positive and negative.  Holding in your feelings can cause added stress and unwanted feelings of guilt.

Take a listen to my video about sharing some of my thoughts.

Recently, while being with a family member that was on his last days to live, I realized the importance of sharing your thoughts and feelings with others.  Life is short and we never know the next time we will see someone, or if ever again. Be sure to speak your mind and tell others how much you love and appreciate them. Those fleeting thoughts come and go so be sure to express yourself when those thoughts are on your mind.

I wish I had the opportunity to share more than I did on those last few days with my Uncle.  After this experience, I realize the importance of communicating my thoughts and feelings with others.  I don’t want to regret not saying things to others. Especially when it is something that will make them feel good about themselves, or bringing them peace and comfort.

Pent up thoughts and emotions can cause added stress in your life and feeling unbalanced. If you struggle with sharing your thoughts with others, take some time to reflect and find ways to communicate effectively.  Here are just a few ways to express yourself and help be a better communicator to ensure your living for balance:

  1. Set a time to talk to your loved ones
  2. Write down your thoughts and feelings, perhaps keep a journal
  3. Send a voice text
  4. Make a video sharing your thoughts
  5. Write a letter to share your feelings
  6. Send a card
  7. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts
  8. Practice speaking to someone else before sharing your feelings

Don’t let life pass you by and live with feelings of regret.  People deserve to hear kind and caring words to bring them peace.

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