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Day 6 Consistency (Children)

Being a parent is a gift, and as parents we are the biggest influence in our children’s lives.    They are watching what we do and say at all times.  Having said that, raising children is hard.  Do you ever feel like everyone has an opinion about how to raise your children?  There is no “right” way to be a parent, but there are certain things that can help, and as a mom of two teenagers, I would like to offer some tips.

Below is my latest video on some more tips and how I stay consistent with certain parenting skills.

If I have learned anything as a parent, the most important thing is consistency.  It is so important to be consistent with your children’s routines and discipline.  When they are babies, we develop a routine with them and as they grow we help them to develop new routines.  I have learned so much over the years and educated myself learning from my parents, friends, and books.  Our goal is to provide them with the values and help them to be the best version of themselves.

Starting in the early years, it was consistency with their sleep and bed time routine, learning how to discipline them at a young age, and providing them with love and security.  As they grew older, the focus was on teaching them ways to be more independent and seeing the need for consistency in certain areas of their lives.  Consistency in their sleep, school and homework schedules as well as their sports schedules.   My kids have observed us being consistent with our workouts, eating healthy, the connections and support in our life and daily personal development.  All of these consistent behaviors will influence them to achieve success in their lives.

Are you looking for some resources to help with parenting?  One book that I find very informative is Parenting the QBQ Way.  Take a look at their website for other great resources.  Click here to learn more about the QBQ way.

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