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Day 1 Consistency (Workouts)

CONSISTENCY: The achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.

Take a listen to my video with more helpful tips and information to keep you motivated and consistent to complete your workout daily.

The act of consistency can bring you success in so many areas of your life, personal, professional, fitness, nutrition, sleep, etc. First, I would like to talk about consistency with workouts.  This is one of the areas in my life that is always consistent.  I workout 6-7 days a week and most days it’s the first thing I do during the day.  Nothing gets in my way of working out because it’s only 30 minutes most days and sets the tone for the day.  It helps me alleviate stress, feel energized, get stronger, more flexible and helps with my overall well being.

Whether you go to a gym or workout at home here are a few tips to keep you consistent with your workouts:

  1. Plan out your workouts for the week ahead.
  2. Set out your workout clothes and sneakers the night before, or pack them to take to work with you.
  3. Know what time of day you will be working out and stick with it.  Treat it like an appointment, don’t let anything get in the way.
  4. Pick your workout the night before so you get in the mindset to be ready for it.
  5. Don’t procrastinate and get distracted.  JUST DO IT!!!
  6. Get on a consistent routine, same time each day, whatever works with your schedule.  Get up earlier to get it done if that is the only way to make it happen.
  7. Don’t let vacations stop your consistency.  There are so many options on vacation: walking, running, ab workout in hotel room, swimming, sports, tennis, golf.
  8. Add it to your daily to do list and it will feel great to cross it off your list each day.

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