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Day 4 Getting Back to Routine (Finding Balance)

The weekend is here already.  It was a short week upon return from vacation. I wanted to be settled back in my normal routine by now but it is going to take the entire weekend to get everything done.  I am a very organized person, so routine is crucial for me and when I feel like I am not organized, I struggle.  Since coming home from vacation, I have had a hard time pulling it all together and getting things done.  Each day I am working on setting priorities in order to accomplish tasks and feeling closer to getting back into my routine.  I get overwhelmed when I’m disorganized and not accomplishing tasks.  Some days I find it difficult to find that balance between family, personal life and my career.

Take a listen to my last video in this series as I wrap up the week and fully get back to routine.

How do you determine your priorities and get back on track?  Here is how I set priorities that help me get settled back into a routine:

  1. 5 Sun Salutations after wakening to start the day
  2. Getting back to my regular exercise routine by starting my day with my workout
  3. Review my list and prioritize the most important tasks and do those first
  4. Making lists to stay organized (sometimes I have individual lists for work, house, and family)
  5. Meditating daily to help alleviate stress
  6. Refocus on healthy eating
  7. Connect with those I am helping on their fitness journey
  8. Reach out to my coaches to support them personally and professionally
  9. Be in the moment with my family during our busy schedules
  10. Do my best to bring balance back in my life

Staying organized, taking time for myself, focused time with family and supporting my clients and coaches is what helps me get back in a routine and feeling settled.

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