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Day 3 Getting Back to Routine (Food Shop)

Here we are into Day 3 of getting home from vacation and now approaching the weekend.  Feeling more and more settled as I get through my to do list.  Mail has been opened.  Some laundry put away.  FINALLY got the grocery shopping done.  That is another one of those tedious tasks that I was procrastinating, but was much needed to get accomplished.

Check out my LIVE video to learn more about my grocery shopping tips and other ideas for organizing, meal prep and planning.


What do you do to prepare yourself for food shopping?  First I started by making a list and more and more got added as the days passed.  I went to our local BJ’s Wholesale to pick up fresh fruits, veggies and other necessities.  When I arrived there, I picked up the coupon books and browsed to see where I could save money.  That little bit of extra time looking through the coupon books saved me $25.  Once I arrived back home, I was fortunate the kids were there to help unpack the car. Next came the task of starting to organize the items.


Here are a few tips upon arrival from the grocery store to make for quicker meal prep for the “on the go lifestyle.”

  1. Throw out any old foods and clean the refrigerator while empty
  2. Wash all fruit right away (check out the great spray I use listed below)
  3. Cut fruit and put in individual containers or ziplock baggies
  4. Store fruits with a paper towel to absorb water to keep fresher longer
  5. Wash and cut up veggies
  6. Begin to plan meals with what you have for the next few days and start a new list for what you don’t have already

Wondering how I keep fruits and veggies fresher longer? Click here to learn more about the spray.

If you are interested in learning more about eating healthy join my clean eating group for a few tips.  Click on the picture below to get more details.