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Day 2 Getting Back to Routine (Laundry)

Feeling a bit more settled after another good nights sleep in my own bed.  Kids off to school.  Workout is done.  Settling in at my desk to get some work done.  My biggest accomplishment on Day 1 was getting the laundry done and folded.  I can’t say it is all put away yet but at least the first step is done.

Take a listen to my video to learn more about my laundry tips and what’s next on the agenda to getting back to my routine after vacation.


I have a few questions.  Do you do laundry daily or certain days of the week?  I usually do it on the weekends but when we came back mid week it couldn’t wait, it had to get done.  When it is the weekends I have the kids to help fold but during the week they are so busy with school, homework, sports and work that I do not want to put more on their plate.

Do your kids do their own laundry?  I have teenagers and I do all the laundry.  Maybe it is a control thing and I just want it done.  Although, I’m starting to think that it is time for them to help out with this chore.

We ALL have the dreaded task of doing laundry and it is just one of those things that we have no choice but to do.  So my next question is how can we make it less daunting?

Here are some of my tips to be more organized with the tedious laundry chore:

  1. Fold it as it comes out of the dryer
  2. Match the socks right away
  3. Organize clothes by individual in their own baskets
  4. Lay out clothes to hang rather than fold
  5. Layer clothes in categories (socks, underwear, towels, shorts)
  6. Don’t procrastinate and let it sit for a week, just get it done.
  7. When it is washed and folded, put it away immediately and get it off your to do list

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