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Day 1 Getting Back to Routine

Just returned from our trip to Punta Cana.  We had a fabulous time but back to reality.  What does that mean for us?  Well, it started with our travel day which was much longer than we anticipated. We had several delays, extra time spent in the airports, on the plane and then the drive home.  It was a very long day with minimal food, not enough water, and just being so anxious to get home.  I am fortunate that my kids are older and I didn’t have to deal with cranky, whiny, crying kids, but that’s not to say they weren’t irritable at times!  They are independent and can help out in many ways during and after traveling.  It was a long 14 hours and we were happy to finally be home.

Take a listen to my video for more detailed information to hear more about my first day back.

How do you get back to routine after a vacation and a good nights sleep?

For me, I started the day by getting the kids off to school.  Next up was getting the laundry sorted and first load in the machine.

Then it was time to get myself back into my workout routine followed by a nice hot shower.  I was so happy to fuel my body for the day with my favorite breakfast, oatmeal.  Had a nice unexpected visit with my Mom, but then it was time to focus on my work.  My plan is to work through my to do list and get the grocery shopping done.  I also need to make some follow up phone calls, connect with other family members, and check in with my coaches and support those on their fitness journey.

What are the 5 most important things you do when arriving from vacation to get back on track?

Here is my list:

  1. Empty the carry on bag
  2. Sort the laundry & wash
  3. Stock up on healthy foods
  4. Drink lots of water & exercise
  5. Create to do list for next day

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