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21 Day Ultimate Reset September 2016

The first 6 months of the year started with being fully committed to 2 programs with 80-100% on with nutrition and daily workouts.  Once the summer hit that all changed.  It was time for vacation, which meant time to relax on my commitments and enjoy summer fun! For one month my nutrition was NOT 80-100%. During that time away, I did not cook much and spent most of the time eating out and enjoying beach time and daily drinks. However, after that amazing and well deserved “month off”, it was time to get back on track.

Time to Recommit
On September 5, my journey began with day 1 of the 21 day Ultimate Reset along with the new Yoga Retreat program. I also added meditation daily for 10-15 minutes. When I started I felt very bloated, gained a few unnecessary pounds, lethargic, muscle aches and just did not have a clear state of mind. Yes, this is not an easy commitment. I was getting in the mind set for weeks ahead and preparing myself for this journey. I was fortunate enough to have daily support from others joining me. This was my 4th round but I had not done it in 3 years. It was time to break some habits.



The first week was tough with a lot of time spent cooking, but I really felt good that I planned in advance and did a lot of preparation to be ahead of myself so I would not feel overwhelmed. The first week is usually a tough week for most because they are weening off caffeine, dairy and meat. Luckily for me, I only drink decaf coffee, limited to no dairy and I am a vegetarian. I believe this helped me to not feel as lethargic as I have in the past. I was very relaxed, subdued, calm. My biggest issue was that I did have some trouble sleeping at times.


Week 2 continued to go well. Some difficulty sleeping again, up to go the bathroom most nights, feeling cold many times through the detox process. Things were slowly moving in the digestive tract but part of the process. Starting to feel more flexible, elongated, less sore.


Last week, down to mostly just fruits and veggies (which I love) so this week works well for me. I could eat like this all the time. Sleeping much better. Feeling more alert and energized each morning. No bloat. Feeling very relaxed and calm. Happy to be done with all the cooking on the last few days and even had left overs to get me through the first week after I finished.  If you would like more detailed info click here.



Overall, it was an amazing experience. I was fully committed and had a great attitude throughout the 21 days. I lost 8.4 lbs. and 9.5 inches. The weekends were a bit difficult, stayed home mostly because it was just easier to avoid temptations. Needless to say not much of a social life, which I enjoy immensely! Very much looking forward to a night out and having someone cook for me.

It is a huge commitment cooking 3 meals a day for 21 days especially with the start of school and kids activities. I feel it was a great time to commit and go full force into a disciplined routine. It is well worth the effort but you must be well prepared, organized, plan ahead and use all the support you can get from friends, family and those joining you on the journey. I was very blessed to have my husband and children supporting me along the way and were extremely patient with me. At the end of the 21 days, I felt energized, focused, clear mind, relaxed, overall improved mood, confident and on a healthy path again with my nutrition.