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22 Minute Hard Corps Test Group Journey

After about 6 months of wavering with my nutrition off and on it was time for a change.  It started with enjoying 3 weeks of summer vacation and then struggling to get back on track with nutrition during the busy holiday season.  I was grateful for the email I received for an invitation to join the test group for Tony Horton’s newest program, 22 Minute Hard Corps, coming out in March.  How could I not take on the challenge and be part of such an amazing opportunity?

On January 4 my journey began with daily workouts, 6 days a week, and spot on nutrition using a portion controlled plan.  I committed to no cheats, treats, alcohol or falling off the plan.  Was I nervous, was I scared, was I concerned about the workouts, the commitment for 8 weeks and an optional Hell Week?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Did I take this challenge seriously and get in the mind set to stay committed for the next 9 weeks?  Yes, I did.  Was it worth it?  Yes it was and I feel AMAZING!

Workouts consisted of cardio and ab workouts with resistance training on the opposite days.  There was an option to do the special ops workouts and of course I did those too. They add more variety to the program.  During Hell Week, there were 2 workouts a day and on cardio days an ab workout.  I pretty much pushed through the 2 workouts rather than splitting them up.  I used mostly weights at the beginning and then added in the sand bag at the end.  My weights did increase as I progressed through the program and I did add more sand to my sand bag pushing it to 17.6 lbs. the last few weeks.

As far as nutrition, I followed the portion control plan and was between plan 1 and 2.  I am a vegetarian so I find it difficult to get in all my proteins.  I am happy to have Shakeology to help with that and count as one of my daily reds.  The plan is simple and does not need to be complicated.  The first week takes some time to do some planning and prepping.  I highly recommend using Sunday as your meal prep day.  If I was hungry on some days I would add in an extra veggie (green).  I did back down a little off the healthy fats (blue).  I ate my fruits (purple) and carbs (yellow) before dinner time and used Shakeology mostly as a snack.

I did use the Beachbody Performance supplements.  I had energize daily except on Sundays (my day off) and I missed it.  I used hydrate off and on but more during Hell Week with the double workouts. I did recovery after more of the resistance workouts and had recharge on most nights to help prevent soreness.

After the 9 weeks, including Hell Week, I lost 13.4 lbs and 10.5 inches.  I am in the best shape of my life.  My body has never looked like this and I have never felt so good.  I have more energy, stamina, flexibility, vibrant skin, clarity, focus, better mood and more confidence.  I know it is from the combination of clean eating and pushing through the workouts and challenging myself each day to push harder.

Many people may hesitate from committing to this program because of its intensity, competitive nature and military boot camp workouts.  The moves are very simple but can be as intense as you want to push yourself.  All moves have modifications.  I recommend starting off slow, focus on form, use lower weights and in time you will be able to do more reps, add more weight and feel stronger as you move through the program.

Were there days I struggled?  Yes, mostly with the nutrition more than the workouts.  I looked forward to every day getting up and doing the workouts.  I had a trip to Florida during this time and was able to forego some of my favorite treats and stayed 100% on track.  I still pushed through all my workouts and went to dinner 3 times while away but was able to stay on the plan.  I was very proud of myself for staying committed during a time when I usually let myself go.  WILL POWER took over for sure during these 9 weeks and it was well worth the sacrifices.

I am confident that you can get amazing results too.  I recommend sticking with the nutrition plan, push through each workout, did I forget to mention they are ONLY 22 minutes so there are NO EXCUSES to get it done.  I am excited to help others work through the 8-9 week journey and feel AMAZING too.  It’s time to GET SOME!!!

22 min side by bikini week 1:9